Business bodyguard
Business bodyguard

Business bodyguard

Huanyu Brothers (Shenzhen) Security Service Co., Ltd. was co-founded by a number of security industry elites, including retired soldiers from large special forces, retired athletes, and business elites in the society. All of them have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Coach Renwang has 20 years of experience in the security industry.

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Business bodyguards are those who are proficient in business etiquette and can protect customers in a variety of business situations without being polite. Such customers have many business activities, such as negotiation, signing, reception, reception, conference, etc. Customers, the general customer group is Individual business owners, or department managers of large enterprises, managers of planning, sales and other departments, business bodyguards have relatively high requirements, and the basic skills of bodyguards must be outstanding, image and temperament must be excellent, proficient in business etiquette in various occasions, and the process of protecting customers In the middle, that is, not to be rude to make customers look ugly, but also to deal with dangerous situations in a timely manner and resolve the crisis invisibly.

Our Universal Security Company invites professional business etiquette teachers to teach when training bodyguards. And practice and theory are combined to apply what they have learned. Absorb the simple and efficient etiquette inside as bodyguard etiquette. The gradual development of modern bodyguards into comprehensive talents is a trend and indispensable. Etiquette is the first hurdle, so our Universal Security Company pays special attention to training team members.