Female bodyguard service

Female bodyguard service

Huanyu Brothers (Shenzhen) Security Service Co., Ltd. was co-founded by a number of security industry elites, including retired soldiers from large special forces, retired athletes, and business elites in the society. All of them have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Coach Renwang has 20 years of experience in the security industry.

Details description

Female bodyguards are an indispensable existence in the bodyguard industry. Some tasks must be completed by female bodyguards or by assisting male bodyguards. However, it is not easy to train a qualified female bodyguard. Please refer to the company news for the training steps. The steps of a female bodyguard must examine the female bodyguard's force value, endurance, strength, and fighting. If these three are unqualified, you can basically judge that the inspection target is not a qualified female bodyguard, examine the way of thinking, and the courage. clear. Look at emotional intelligence and living habits. A good female bodyguard has delicate emotions and special self-discipline in life.

Some companies in the same industry do not train or fail to train qualified female bodyguards, so they slander female bodyguards as being inferior to male bodyguards, and even pretend to remind customers to pay attention. It takes a long time to train female bodyguards, so the salary is higher than that of male bodyguards, which is normal. Customers in need should conduct more inspections, try out, and determine whether to hire female bodyguards. The principle of our Huanyu Security Company training female bodyguards is that there is not much essence, the combination of theory and practice, and the way of masters and apprentices, and gradually cultivate them. Let the female bodyguards practice practical skills and solve the crisis for customers at critical moments.