Company culture
Professional bodyguard training

The training of professional bodyguards is very complicated, boring, and the content involved is complex. Real bodyguards are not only kung fu masters, but also professional drivers, senior assistants, and life experts. The use of extended subjects is simply nonsense. The team members trained by some companies have no kung fu, no legal awareness, lack of social etiquette, and only full of ambition. When it comes to work, not only will they run into walls everywhere, damage the time and interests of clients, and even cause them to be harmed, and even more directly violate the law and be reformed and tried.

● Continuous feedback at work, sum up experiences and lessons, and form practical teaching tutorials

● Focus on cultivating the physical fitness of bodyguards, fighting, laws and regulations, social etiquette, common sense of life, and emphasizing practicality is never a mere formality

● Our training is constantly improving, not rigid or rigid

● Learn the knowledge of real bodyguards, all students who meet the qualifications for employment class registration, will arrange employment after graduation (written in the contract)