Various dispute resolution

Various dispute resolution

Huanyu Brothers (Shenzhen) Security Service Co., Ltd. was co-founded by a number of security industry elites, including retired soldiers from large special forces, retired athletes, and business elites in the society. All of them have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Coach Renwang has 20 years of experience in the security industry.

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There are many types of disputes, personal emotional disputes, property disputes, neighborhood disputes, family disputes, corporate and personal disputes, corporate and corporate disputes, corporate shareholder disputes, and many other conflicts. Bodyguards deal with disputes. First, they only protect the safety of customers. , do not help them solve problems, the second is to protect customers and help solve problems at the same time, no matter what way of working, dealing with disputes requires rich experience, and dealing with disputes is mostly group combat, which requires more experienced team leaders We are old team members. Our company has rich experience in handling all kinds of disputes, has good team members, has a collaborative team, has many customers, can conduct on-site inspections, and cooperate with confidence.

Dispute-type security incidents must be based on the law. When dealing with problems, they must be within the scope of the law and cannot go beyond the law. Of course, this needs to be mastered by experienced team members during the operation. In dealing with such disputes, our Universal Security Company takes the law as the criterion. We must solve the crisis of our customers without touching the law. The experience in disputes we have summarized over the years is a rare spiritual wealth.