Peruvian President arrives in Shenzhen, China, Chinese bodyguards provide security services throughout the trip
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Peruvian President Arrives in Shenzhen, China: Chinese Bodyguards Ensure Security Throughout the Visit

According to Chinese news media reports, on June 25, 2024, the President of Peru, who was visiting China, arrived safely in Shenzhen, China, and under the protection of a group of elite Chinese bodyguards arranged by the Chinese government, he felt China's advanced high-speed rail and experienced the "fast feeling" of Shenzhen's high-tech subway tracks.

peruvian president visit

The Peruvian President's visit to Shenzhen, China, is a good start for bilateral cooperation and trade between China and Peru. The Peruvian President was warmly received in Shenzhen, China, and the Chinese bodyguards who protected him also showed a high level of professionalism and took good care of the personal safety of the Peruvian President. It is reported that the Peruvian President's visit to China is intended to understand China's development. The Chinese bodyguards around him are high-quality bodyguards in the bodyguard field carefully selected by the Chinese government. These Chinese bodyguards are on par with the bodyguard team of Shenzhen Huanyu Brothers Bodyguard Company.

peruvian president visit

As the Peruvian President's visit to Shenzhen, China was exposed on the Internet, many overseas media have made in-depth reports on it. Foreign media said that after the Peruvian President's visit to Shenzhen, China, he may strengthen international cooperation with China, and Peru may also open its customs and become China's next visa-free partner. Perhaps, in the near future, more Western countries will establish trade cooperation with China, and the number of China's visa-free partners will continue to increase. At that time, the bodyguards in the Chinese bodyguard company will fly to more countries that have visa-free cooperation agreements with China to provide high-standard international bodyguard services for those who need protection, so that the same bodyguard treatment as the Peruvian President can be popularized in countries around the world.