Obama's sister was attacked in Kenya, causing a sensation, and she was not accompanied by bodyguards
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Obama's Sister Attacked in Kenya: Sensation Caused by Lack of Bodyguard Protection

Recently, international media reported that former US President Obama's sister suffered a terrorist attack in Kenya. After this news incident, it quickly caused a great sensation internationally. It is reported that the terrorist attack against Obama's sister was actually aimed at the United States. Whether this is true or not, the media involved in reporting this news did not reveal too much. Generally speaking, international celebrities will hire close personal bodyguards before going to other countries to protect their personal safety. But Obama's sister did not bring a personal bodyguard with her.

obama's sister attacked

So why didn't Obama's sister bring a personal bodyguard when she went to Kenya? Maybe she felt it was unnecessary. If Chinese politicians or celebrities go abroad, they usually have multiple personal bodyguards around them. With bodyguards around, they will be much safer. For example, some wealthy entrepreneurs in Shenzhen, China, will bring high-powered bodyguards from Shenzhen Huanyu Brothers Bodyguard Company with them when they visit abroad. In terms of the sense of security, Chinese celebrities are better than some European and American celebrities, and they have the awareness of taking precautions before they happen.

obama's sister attacked

The terrorist attack on Obama's sister in Kenya has become an international event. The incident has also warned many American celebrities. After that, American celebrities will bring bodyguards with them when they go to other countries to avoid similar incidents. Shortly after Obama's sister was attacked, an American diplomat also suffered a terrorist attack in Ukraine. The American diplomat in Ukraine has been confirmed to have died.

Under the unpredictable international situation, the safety awareness of American celebrities and world celebrities is increasing, and more and more celebrities have realized the importance of hiring bodyguards.