Many Chinese businessmen hired Chinese bodyguards to go to Manila, Philippines to discuss business
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Chinese Businessmen Hiring Chinese Bodyguards for Business Discussions in Manila, Philippines

On July 1, 2024, according to the news channel of China's Xinhua News Agency, in the past June, several Chinese businessmen were kidnapped and killed at the Philippine airport. After these incidents, Chinese businessmen have become highly vigilant about cities such as Manila in the Philippines. Recently, some Chinese businessmen who went to Manila, Philippines to discuss business hired bodyguards from Shenzhen Huanyu Brothers Bodyguard Company to protect their safety and accompany them to Manila, fearing that they would encounter the horrific kidnapping and killing experience again.

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Several Chinese businessmen who were kidnapped and killed in the Philippines in June 2024 were all regional managers of domestic medical equipment. They went to the Philippines to negotiate business in order to expand their business in the Philippines, but they were kidnapped as soon as they got off the plane. After the kidnapping, the kidnappers demanded a ransom from their families. After receiving several million in ransom, the kidnappers still killed the kidnapped businessmen and brutally murdered them.

According to Chinese people in the Chinese community in the Philippines, kidnapping Chinese has become a dark industry in the Philippines. In the eyes of the Philippine gangs, Chinese people are like walking coins, and catching one will make a fortune. Although the gangs in the Philippines do not only kidnap Chinese people, these evil industries have indeed harmed many Chinese people. What is even more exaggerated is that this industry is expanding in the Philippines, and the local police have also become accomplices, and will automatically cooperate with the gangs to kidnap Chinese people entering the Philippines.

Chinese businessmen who are going to a less safe country like the Philippines have reached a security consensus and will hire Chinese bodyguards with Chinese passports in advance, instead of going there rashly like previous businessmen. The victims of Chinese businessmen who were kidnapped and killed by gangs in the Philippines have sounded a security alarm for later Chinese businessmen, and the chaos and barbarity of the Philippines have also been exposed to the entire world.