A Chinese-American vice-chancellor of Columbia University was violently beaten, and netizens commented that he should hire a private bodyguard
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Chinese-American Vice-Chancellor of Columbia University Violently Attacked: Netizens Suggest Hiring a Private Bodyguard for Protection

According to relevant American media reports, recently, a Chinese vice president of Columbia University in the United States was violently beaten by Americans on campus. Although he is a Chinese vice president of Columbia University, he still cannot escape the violent attack from the racial discrimination because of his Asian face. After this incident, many Chinese netizens shouted to the injured Chinese vice president, asking him to quickly hire a private bodyguard to protect his personal safety. A netizen from Shenzhen, China, left a message in English under the comment "China Shenzhen Huanyu Brothers International Bodyguard Company."

chinese-american vice-chancellor

As for whether the Chinese vice president who was violently beaten will hire a private bodyguard to protect his safety? This depends on his personal choice, but judging from the recent surge in anti-Chinese sentiment among some Americans, the safety of Chinese, Chinese Americans, and even Asian Americans in the United States will face severe challenges. Even Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese, as long as they have an Asian face, will suffer inexplicable malice in the United States, New Zealand and other countries. Asian Americans and Chinese Americans are often beaten in the United States, and those who beat Asian Americans and Chinese Americans are not necessarily Americans, but may be black people or Mexicans who immigrated to the United States.

It is very difficult to gain respect from other races in the United States, a country of racial integration, especially for Chinese and Asian people. If they want to stay in the United States for a long time, they must be prepared to fight against racist violent elements for a lifetime. If they have better economic strength, they can learn from Musk and others to hire private bodyguards to protect them, or buy guns in the United States for self-protection. Otherwise, if they walk on the streets and alleys of the United States, they may be suddenly attacked by racist violent elements, and in serious cases, they may lose their lives.

For Asians, Chinese, and Chinese people living in the United States, hiring private bodyguards is a better choice than owning the right to use guns.